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Conocé el hostel Dónde Estamos Rosario

If you still missing arguments or excuses to come to Rosario, here you are some:


Is said to in Rosario are the prettiest girls around the country ...


Rosario has a lot of nightclubs, bars and pubs where you can have fun until late morning.

El Futbol

Not a Boca-River compared to the feeling of being in a classic Rosario, when faced Newells and Central paralyzed the city.

Food and Drinks

Porrón: In Rosario, a porrón is a liter of beer, yes! a full liter! Carlito: The ultimate sandwich Rosario is basically a toast with ketchup, but it's the best!

The River

If you want to go to the beach, you can choose the florida spa or take a boat to go to the island. In both places you'll find good music, parties, pretty girls and attractive guys.