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Conocé el hostel Dónde Estamos Rosario

If you still missing arguments or excuses to come to Rosario, here you are some:


The walks in the city of Rosario are multiple: Among the nautical walks, when the sun goes down the recommended options are walks or bike trips through the parks, bars, restaurants and craft fairs. Some outstanding sites are the Paseo de la Diversidad, the Paseo del Siglo, the birthplace of “Che, in the La Rosario building, and a sculpture in his homage located inside the Irigoyen Park; the Monroe Passage, the Dancing Water Fountain. The Constituent Forest, the North parks, Independence, with boat rides, trails and bridges; Of the Collectivities, with bars, shopping and craft fair; Italy; National to the Flag; and, Urquiza, with an Astronomical Complex, its museums and theaters.


Rosario has a lot of nightclubs, bars and pubs where you can have fun until late morning.

El Futbol

Not a Boca-River compared to the feeling of being in a classic Rosario, when faced Newells and Central paralyzed the city.

Food and Drinks

Porrón: In Rosario, a porrón is a liter of beer, yes! a full liter! Carlito: The ultimate sandwich Rosario is basically a toast with ketchup, but it's the best!

The River

If you want to go to the beach, you can choose the florida spa or take a boat to go to the island. In both places you'll find good music, parties, pretty girls and attractive guys.